About Us

Indie Music being the short name for Independent Music, has constantly grown, from every corners of the country as upcoming artist are embracing it more.

The Calm Blues beings to you every information about independent music. The challenges that they face, the battle they will and has been fighting with the Music industry

We go deep to bring to you stories and interview about the independent musicians that has gotten breakthroughs through independent music.

What are the supports that independent music is getting from the government, private sectors, business owner, and individual? This are part of the information we will be bring to you.

Indie Music has proven to have a possible chance of becoming a key part of the economy, as it has produced artist like John Mayer, James Blunt and a lot more.

Indie Music is here to stay and we “The Calm Blues” are here to cover every thing concerning this industry.

Feel free to share and if you need anything, you can email me at jenny@thecalmbluesea.com.