No News = Good News?

No News = Good News?

Hi there. There’s really nothing to report but we thought we’d post here to at least let people know that we’re alive. There aren’t shows or releases coming up but TCBS is still around in some form or another.

Also, we’ve been awful about keeping up with Facebook and Twitter. We absolutely love you though. If you really need a response from us it’s best to email.

Until there is news to report, maybe you should have a listen to some of the other bands we’ve been contributing our creative energy to:

My Jerusalem
Hard Proof
Black Books
What Made Milwaukee Famous

Let’s see, what else. We’re now in the hand made boutique guitar pedal business. Keep an eye out for Backlit Electric Co or shoot over an email if you’re interested. These things are no joke:


Keep up with our label mates on the ever expanding Modern Outsider roster as well.

That’s all for now. If you feel like saying hi, you can probably find us blowing off practice at ABGB. Feel free to come by and tell us to get back to work.

Austin Show May 3rd + The Finale of “Aberrations”

Austin Show May 3rd + The Finale of “Aberrations”

It’s been a while since we’ve headlined a show in our hometown of Austin (I think October’s release show for Arrivals & Departures was the last one) so we’re excited to announce a special one on May 3rd at the Parish. Joining us on the bill are our new friends from Dallas, Air Review and The Reynolds Number. Here are the details:

The Calm Blue Sea w/ Air Review and The Reynolds Number

May 3, 2013
The Parish, Austin, TX
$10, All Ages
Advance Tickets HERE
RSVP on Facebook HERE

In other news, we’re excited to (finally) unveil the final two chapters in our live performance film series called “Aberrations & Departures”:

Chapter 7 features a performance of “Tesoro” directed by Caleb B. Kuntz. Caleb was the one director in the series bold enough to take on the one camera, single shot approach. We’re really pleased with the results!

And Chapter 8 sees the return of Curtis Pollock as director to close out the series. For this one, we performed “To Approach The Vivian Girls” at Counter Culture in Austin, TX. Thanks to Dylan Goodhue for handling audio engineering duties on both.

Chapters 5 & 6 of “Aberrations & Departures”

Chapters 5 & 6 of “Aberrations & Departures”

Today we present two more chapters in the live performance film series we’re calling “Aberrations & Departures”!

Chapter 5 is a performance of “Diaspora” – filmed at McKinney Falls State Park. The immensely talented Adam Schlender of Sneaky Giants directed this beautiful piece and Joel Sadler handled audio engineering duties.

Chapter 6 is back to the full band with a performance of “Mary Ann Nichols.” Our buddy Jason Flitcraft was the director and Dylan Goodhue was the audio engineer.

See both films at or

Austin/Dallas Shows + Ch 4 of Live Film Series

Austin/Dallas Shows + Ch 4 of Live Film Series

Next week we have the pleasure of opening up a couple of Texas shows with two of our favorite bands around, The Twilight Sad and Errors. It’s probably no surprise that these shows are a big deal for us as we’ve been vocal about the influence that both bands had on our new record, Arrivals & Departures. Please invite your friends & buy your tickets in advance…

November 13, 2012
Red 7, Austin, TX

November 14, 2012
Club Dada, Dallas, TX

In other news, we’ve been rolling out live performance films in a series we’re calling “Aberrations & Departures.” There’s one for each song on our new record and we’re proud to unveil Chapter 4 of the series at Side One:Track One. Catch up with Chapters 1-3 at

Chapter 3 of Aberrations + vinyl in stores now

Chapter 3 of “Aberrations” + vinyl in stores now

First off, as we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the vinyl release of our new record (Arrivals & Departures) was delayed slightly. Rest easy audiophiles, it is now in independent record stores across America for you to snatch up. In fact, saw a copy with my own eyes today at Waterloo Records in Austin.

Other exciting news: We have a live performance film series called “Aberrations & Departures” that we’ve slowly been rolling out. The series features a live performance of each of the eight tracks from the new record, filmed/recorded live at different locations around our hometown of Austin. Chapters 1 & 2 have already been released and can be found here

Today we’re excited to unleash Chapter 3, “We Will Never Be As Young As We Are Tonight” – as performed live at Room Service Vintage. has the premiere. Our friend Lon Breedlove did an amazing job directing duties and Dylan Goodhue was the audio engineer. Enjoy!

Introducing “Aberrations & Departures”

Introducing “Aberrations & Departures”

Inspired by the incomparable La Blogotheque, we decided to take the eight songs from Arrivals & Departures (our new album) and perform them each in a different unique Austin location. The result is a live performance film series we’re calling “Aberrations & Departures.”

Today, with the help of Baeble Music, we’re thrilled to share Chapters 1 & 2 of the series with you! Lining up with the track order of the album, Chapter 1 is the song “Arrivals & Departures” and Chapter 2 is “Samsara.”

Each of the eight performances in “Aberrations & Departures” was recorded live on location (complete with our charming flubs). In Chapter 1 and 2, we were lucky to work with the immensely talented director Curtis Pollock of The Yellow House Studios and audio engineer Dylan Goodhue. For Chapter 1, we have an improv string arrangement and performance by Will Taylor & Strings Attached.

We’ll be releasing the rest of the series over the coming weeks. Today, enjoy Chapters 1 & 2 of “Aberrations & Departures” at Baeble Music.

Arrivals & Departures – In Stores Today!

Arrivals & Departures – In Stores Today!

Before we jump into the good news here’s a bit of downer news (don’t worry it’s not too bad). Vinyl manufacturing is apparently a little complicated and delays are common in that process. We thought we’d given plenty of time for vinyl to come together but unfortunately it wasn’t enough and the records didn’t make it to our distributor in time. So, the in-store vinyl release date for Arrivals & Departures has been delayed by one week to October 16. CD, digital, and vinyl orders from are all unaffected.

Okay on to the good news…

The release date for Arrivals & Departures is here! You can pick up your copy by following the links in our store, online from your favorite digital retailer (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc.), or from your local record store.

Here’s a sampling of some of the fine record stores that are carrying the CD. (This is by no means comprehensive, if your local store isn’t on the list it’s definitely still worth a visit)…

Amoeba :: Banana Belt :: Bull Moose Music :: Cactus Music, Houston, TX :: CD Listening Bar :: Dearborn Music Co, Dearborn, MI :: Destiny Music :: Dimple Records :: Easy Street, Seattle, WA :: Electric Fetus :: Fingerprints, Long Beach, CA :: Grateful Records :: Homer’s Acquisition :: House of Guitars :: Independent Records :: J&R :: Millennium, Portland, OR :: Mojo Music :: Painted Smiles :: Rasputin Music :: Salzer’s Mer’tile, Ventura, CA :: Silver Platters :: Sound Garden, Baltimore, MD :: Waterloo, Austin, TX :: West Canterbury

Now get out and buy it!

“Mary Ann Nichols” Premiere on NPR’s All Songs Considered

“Mary Ann Nichols” Premiere on NPR’s All Songs Considered

We’re extremely excited to finally share the first taste of Arrivals & Departures with everyone!

Our friends at NPR’s All Songs Considered have been kind enough to kick things off with the premiere of “Mary Ann Nichols” – track six on the new album. According to NPR, the song “packs in several songs’ worth of drama, as torrents of blustery guitars, atmospheric interludes and inscrutable vocals are fed into a single glorious swirl.”

Give it a listen and if you like what you hear pre-order the new record from the Modern Outsider store.

Album Release Show is October 6 in Austin

Album Release Show is October 6 in Austin

Join us on October 6 at Red 7 in Austin, TX to celebrate the release of our new album, Arrivals & Departures.

Special thanks to our friends Little Radar, The Baker Family, and Fake Hearts for joining the bill. Seriously, you should get there early because it will be a great evening of music…we’re very lucky to have these guys be a part of the show. And thank you to Chase Maclaskey for her great work (as always) on the show poster.

Rumor has it pre-orders will be shipped a few days before the show so reserve your copy now and you’ll be up to speed on all the new songs we’re playing on Oct 6.

Pre-Order Arrivals & Departures

Pre-Order Arrivals & Departures

***UPDATE on this post – t-shirt pre-order options are now closed***

We’re less than two months out from the release of our new full length, Arrivals & Departures!

You can now pre-order the album from the Modern Outsider online store. In addition to the CD and vinyl offerings, we’ve got a t-shirt available exclusively to those that pre-order the record. Thanks to Kenneth Parris for his design work on the shirt!

Here are your options, take your pick:

Two Austin Shows in August, Touring, New Record, etc

Two Austin Shows in August, Touring, etc

By now we hope you’ve heard the news, but if not here it is again very quickly: We have a new record coming out on October 9th called Arrivals & Departures. It took a long time for us to get to this point and we’re quite proud of this album. We really hope you’ll spend a moment with it when it comes out.

In the meantime, we’re going to be warming up for the release with a couple of amazing shows in Austin. On August 24, we get to open for Ours at Emo’s. A little history for you…Back in the day when TCBS formed we experimented with various uses of vocals, eventually settling with the way that we used them on the self-titled record, and then evolving to the way vocals are used with our new songs. Part of that early experimentation involved a benchmark that came to represent our perception of what a truly great vocalist is. That benchmark was Jimmy Gnecco (of Ours). Needless to say, their music has been a huge influence on us and it’s an honor to play with them next month. Seeing them live is such a treat, trust us on this one if you haven’t seen them before. Get tickets here.

A week before that we’ll be at Hotel Vegas in Austin with the Murdocks. More history for you…our relationship with these guys goes back years. We’ve shared band members, rehearsal spaces, gear, a touring van, diseases, and more with the Murdocks. A while back they decided to stop being a band in the normal sense and just play shows when they feel like it. For the first time in over a year they’ll play an Austin show before they go into hiding again for however long. That show is August 17 at Hotel Vegas and we’re thrilled to be on the bill along with Watch Out for Rockets.

Finally, we’ve been getting a lot of “when are you going to play in MY CITY?” inquiries. First of all, we LOVE seeing those requests…keep them coming. Second, the answer is we’re not really sure/we are working on it. The truth is as much as we want to be on the road, touring is expensive. Not only in the money we put into van upkeep, gas, etc but also the lost wages (and sometimes altogether lost jobs) from our day jobs. So we’re working on the right opportunities to get out to you and play. It’s important to us so keep the requests coming and help spread the word. Nothing puts us in a better spot to get out and play than getting new fans interested in the music.

That’s it for now. Watch this teaser again, then post it on your Facebook or Twittles.

Arrivals & Departures coming October 9, 2012

Arrivals & Departures coming October 9, 2012

We’re beyond excited to finally announce that Arrivals & Departures, our new full-length album, will be released October 9 on Modern Outsider Records! Here’s the first look at the beautiful cover art, designed by the amazingly talented Clemens S. Poole

The Calm Blue Sea - Arrivals & Departures

This one has been a long time coming. There are many, many reasons for the delay but we’ll leave those discussions for another time. Today we’re just excited to finally share the news that this record is finished and we’ll be able to share it with you this fall. Thanks so much for sticking around and waiting this one out with us…we hope it was worth it.

We’ll have news about pre-orders, Austin release show, etc soon. Of course we’ll be sharing some of the music with everyone very soon as well. In the meantime take a look at the track list and get ready for Oct 9.

The Good Music Club + Working on the New Record

The Good Music Club + Working on the New Record

I know we’ve been a bit quiet lately but there’s a reason for that. We’ve been hard at work on our new record and it’s coming along really well. We’re looking at an early fall release for this one if all goes according to plan.

For those that have been at some of our recent shows, you’ve already received a taste of some of the new tunes. If you haven’t been able to make it to a show (most likely because we haven’t really left Austin in a bit), take a look at these live videos for a peek at what’s to come:

Special thanks to The Good Music Club. More songs from that session will be posted soon.

New York City, SXSW 2012, Record Update

New York City, SXSW 2012, Record Update

We’re just a couple of days away from our two shows in NYC, which will be the last shows of 2011 for us. It’s been nearly three years since we played in New York, so needless to say we are extremely excited about it. If you’re in the area, plan to come out to Rock Shop in Brooklyn on Friday (December 9th) and/or Pianos in Manhattan on Saturday (December 10th).

We’re also excited to let you know that we’ve just been announced as a showcasing artist for SXSW 2012. The list of bands that will be here in our hometown in March is incredibly impressive…we’re honored to be a part of it. Stay tuned for more details on when and where we’ll be playing.

After this weekend in NYC, our attention turns fully to the new record, which we plan to release mid-year 2012. We know it’s been a while, so thank you for your patience. For those in Austin, we’d love for you to help us kick off the new year at Mohawk on January 6th. It’s a free show and we’ll be playing several new songs that will likely show up on the next record.

That’s about it for now. NYC…see you this weekend. Austin…see you January 6th. Rest of the world…see you in 2012.

NYC Shows Announced

NYC Shows Announced

Hi everyone. We’ve decided to finish off a pretty amazing 2011 with a couple of shows in one of our favorite cities in the world. This will wrap things up for us before we turn our full attention to the new record coming out in 2012. Ideally we would have loved to get out and play more shows for everyone this year but that has been a little out of our control for the normal reasons: jobs, money, family, life…nothing too exciting. So to those that have been outside of our reach, we hope to get to you next year. But if you’re in New York, please come out and see us in December. It’s been too long.

December 9th we’ll be at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn

December 10th we’ll be at Pianos in Manhattan

Check the shows page for all of the latest dates.