Every couple wishes for their wedding day to be unforgettable, but planning for the same takes time and also can become a little stressful with so many things to finalise. Some ways you can help ensure that your wedding is just as unique as you want it to be are:

Guest List and creative invitation

The first thing you want to do is decide who you want at the wedding and who you don’t. With the help of your fiancè come up with the guest list. Inform them at least eight months in advance to ensure that they do not have any excuse to miss out on your special day. Some ways to ensure that everyone remembers the date are by adding a pop of colour or just keep it simple, one the favourites is to use a scratch-off to reveal the date.

Guest List

Beautiful venue and location

Every couple has something they dream about from where they want to get married off; it can be a church or a beach. First, recheck if your budget allows you to have the wedding you desire, if not try getting a place that closely resembles your venue like if you want to get married in the woods try considering a hotel which has a backyard with a lot of trees. All these venues will make beautiful, luxurious and unique places to have your wedding.

Perfect playlist

People dance at the wedding all night long, including you too. Try picking the tune which is unique to you and your husband as a couple. A perfect playlist is just as important as choosing the right band.

Perfect playlist

Delicious dessert

A wedding that serves a traditional wedding cake is good, but a wedding that serves macaroons are memorable. Try going a different route when it comes to your wedding as this is your special day and you might not get a second shot at it. Choose your favourite treat that can be served at your wedding.

Post party snacks

The party stays the whole night long, but unfortunately not the food and people might want to eat after an exhausting day of dancing and singing that you can serve after your reception. Some post-party foods include s’mores bar, fries or pizzas, sundaes or finger foods.

The wedding dress

Picking out the perfect dress is harder than you think as you might look back to this day and relive the whole experience in your brain and if your dress is not touching your expectations, it will not leave you with a good memory.

wedding dress

Wedding Ring

The one constant reminder of your wedding is the wedding ring and you want your wedding ring to be of the utmost beauty, where you look at it and revisit your wedding and renew your vows. To choose the ring or men’s bands here is the site mensweddingband.com. It is place where you have a lot of options to choose from.